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Yoga: top tips for back health

Developed in India around 4,000 years ago, yoga is an ancient practice involving a combination of physical exercises, breathing exercises, and meditation. It has seen a rise in popularity in recent times as it is believed to promote health and prevent disease, and many people...

Back health in the office

Are you sitting comfortably? Whether we eat healthily and take regular exercise or not, we know they’re important. What we’re less aware of is the significant role structural health plays in our general maintenance and wellbeing. When your body – especially your back – is in...

“The pain was instantly relieved: all it took was one minor correction”

“I’m an active person,” says Anna who lives in Woodlands, “and as a Nursery and First School Assistant, I am always on the go. I also provide respite care for a child suffering from cerebral palsy so I have to look after myself. The first time I realised I was having any trouble...

Walking for back maintenance

Why is walking good for you? Walking stimulates the release of endorphins, your body’s pain-inhibiting hormones. And it’s just good to get out and about ! Regular, gentle exercise can help improve your body’s general functionality. Walking is particularly good because it is...

Frameworks Clinics helps to give Helen her “life back”

Almost 20 years ago, ex-professional swimming coach Helen Brooke was diagnosed with nodules on her spine: a painful and debilitating condition that prevented her from undertaking basic everyday tasks, such as gardening and playing with her children. “I suffered a great deal of...