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Our pricing

A common sense approach to pricing

We’re straightforward; that applies to what we do and how we do it.What we Treat - Frameworks Clinic Verwood

Our patients tell us that they want:

  • a quick, efficient treatment process
  • to avoid multiple appointments
  • not to get locked in to a lengthy treatment plan


As a result, we offer:

  • a fixed price treatment plan
  • a 4 appointment treatment programme


With Frameworks, our aim is to save you both time and money.

Because we focus on rate of recovery, we typically offer a FIXED TREATMENT PROGRAMME OF 4 APPOINTMENTS which you can pay for up front or at the time.

Once you’ve completed this programme, it’s your choice whether or not you want to come back for regular but infrequent “maintenance” appointments, or wait until you start feeling that tell-tale twinge again.

We only start treatment if we feel confident we’ll be able to help you in the first place. To find out, book your initial consultation at no cost.

Initial Consultation

Take this opportunity to receive a free balance check and meet with your clinician. They’ll talk with you to find out about your particular situation and determine whether or not our treatment is right for you. They will explain the recommended treatment, and if our treatment is not appropriate for your circumstances, they will provide advice on an alternative route to take.

You can decide from there how you would like to proceed, under no obligation.

Book here

Please be aware that this initial consultation does not include treatment.


From there, your first appointment will involve a thorough examination and treatment followed by 3 further treatment sessions.

If you’d like to pay up front for all 4 sessions, we offer a special rate of £180.

If you’d rather pay-as-you-go (ie at the time of each appointment), the cost is £68 for the first visit and £44 per session thereafter. A total of £200 for all 4.

 Within a month (4 treatments) the pain had reduced considerably.  Incredibly, I’m now completely pain free and have just a couple of maintenance treatments a year
Jared Lee, Dorset