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Give yourself the gift of a healthy back this Christmas!

It’s that time of year again! Carols on the radio, lights twinkling as the nights continue to draw in, that sense of excitement in the air! Don’t let back pain spoil this magical time. Here are some things to bear in mind this festive season:   Ice As the weather gets...

Putting your back into housework

It has to be done. And, to be fair it can be a pretty good form of exercise. HOWEVER, bending to mop floors, twisting to vacuum and stretching to clean those windows are all going to take their toll on your back if you don’t look after it. Here are our top areas to look out for:...

Back pain in pregnancy

Many women experience back pain during pregnancy: an awful lot of changes go on to prepare you for birth. A typical weight gain of 15 – 25% creates additional stress on ligaments, tendons and joints: the muscles of your back, tummy and pelvic floor are designed to move and...

Relief from back pain from Frameworks: a case study

Louise lives in Verwood and works in a school office. “I’ve been suffering from pain ever since my daughter was born 20 years ago. I got used to being absolutely fine one minute and then feeling searing pain. I learned to live with it. “One day at work, I was reaching in the...

Protecting your back while driving

Whether you have a long drive to reach your holiday destination or a lengthy commute to work, if you suffer from back pain, driving for an extended period isn’t going to help your condition. Unlike the sensation you get while slumped over in an office chair, your body feels a lot...